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This database is an index to over 850 songbooks owned by the Appleton Public Library. To search for a particular song, use "search for song titles". To search for the title of a particular songbook, use "search for songbooks." This index will help you find a book that contains the words and music to a song, not a recording. On the results page, clicking on the book title will open a new window and connect you to the library catalog to tell you if the book is checked in or out. You may also want to check our Children's Songbook Index for songbooks shelved in Children's Services.

Search Tips
  • Type a word or words from the title of the song you are looking for and click on search.
  • Choose exact phrase for more precise searching.
  • If in doubt, keep your search simple.
  • the, a, and two-letter words will be ignored unless part of an exact phrase search.

Please call the Reference Desk at 832-6173 if you have questions about the Songbook Index or need help finding a song.


See also APL's Children's Songbook Index and the Badgerlink Songbook Index.

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