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Please note that this is just an index.

This is a name index to four plat books for Outagamie County: Platbook of Outagamie County, WI (1889), Platbook of Outagamie, WI (ca. 1910) Standard Atlas of Outagamie County (1917) and Atlas of Outagamie County (1942). The originals are shelved in the Wisconsin Collection at the Appleton Public Library. Please ask a librarian for help locating them.

The names are taken exactly as they are written on the plat map, and are often difficult to read. Because of this, there are certain to be incomplete, or incorrect spellings. Some writing simply could not be deciphered so no entry was made. Complete first names are used here only if they were included on the maps, so most entries contain only first initials. A name is entered for every section of land so the same name may be listed several times.

Also included is an index to the 1898 edition of the "Record of the Pioneers of Outagamie County". There are other editions of this title which include additional names at the library in the Wisconsin Collection.

Search Tip: The wildcard character is the percentage sign, %. To bring up all records with last name beginning with Re, for example, Re%. All last names entered with three or fewer letters will automatically have % added.

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