Databases: Post-Crescent Index: Searching Tips

How To Search

  • Select the date range you want to search. If you don't select anything, all years will be searched.
  • Type a word or words in the search box and press enter or click on search. Please Note - do not use pucntuation marks or apostrophes (e.g. use "children museum" if searching for "children's museum").
  • Keep it Simple! -- newspaper headlines can be very brief!
  • When searching for a person, try last name only when possible.
  • When searching for a company name that contains initials use the Exact Phrase search or browse by Subject.
  • Capital letters are not needed.
  • Word order does not matter unless performing and Exact Phrase search.
  • Avoid common words like a, the, of etc.
  • Remember that this is a very selective index and that many of the past years are not well represented. Read About the Index for more details about the scope of the index.

About the Search Results

  • Searches will return partial matches. A search for park will also retrieve parks, parking, parked etc.
  • Records are ordered first by Date and then alphabetically by Subject. Click on the word "date" on the search results page to reverse the date order (you may have to click a second time to get this to work).
  • Clicking on a Subject Link will create a new search returning all articles with the same subject.
  • Some articles are listed under more than one subject so you may notice duplicate records.
  • You can limit by date any time during the search process.

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