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This directory includes info on City of Appleton Departments and other government agencies and community organizations. The City of Appleton Schedule of Meetings is linked to on the City Clerk's page.

United Way 211 ReferralsSee also the United Way 211 - Information & Referral resource database for even more community agencies, services, clubs, and organizations.

Frequently Asked for Information

Appleton Post Office  920-993-3055   (map; locations & hours) ... (voicemail is checked throughout the day)

Better Business Bureau   (Northeast WI Regional Office) 920-734-4352  

Credit Report, Free Annual  877-322-8228

DMV, Appleton 608-264-7447  (map; there is no longer a direct, local # or an 800# for the DMV)

Forest Tax Laws (Hunting MFL & FCL info at bottom of that page; see also Private Forest Lands Open to Public Recreation, Voluntary Public Access Program (VAP), & WI R 799.2 Hun)

My Neighborhood - general info about Appleton schools, garbage days, gov't districts, Alderperson and voting location, parcel information, assessment data (sales, values, & property taxes), and some detailed information about buildings on that property (incl. a photo in most cases).
See also Outagamie County Land Records and WI Tax Assessment Data Search

No-Call List, Nat'l  888-382-1222

No-Call List, Wisconsin  now uses the Nat'l number, above

Performing Arts Center, Fox Cities Tickets 920-730-3760;  Admin offices 920-730-3782

School District, Appleton Area  920-832-6161   (list of school phone numbers)

Social Security (office locator)  1-877-694-5495   (map)

City of Appleton Department Phone Numbers (area code 920)

  • Assessor  832-5850
  • City Attorney  832-6423
  • Building Inspections  832-6411
  • City Clerk  832-6443
  • Common Council / Alderpersons
  • Communications Director (Chad Doran)  832-5814
  • Community Development  832-6468
  • Diversity  832-1564
  • Facilities & Construction Management  832-3919 (Dean Gaza)
  • Finance  832-6442
  • Fire  832-5810
  • Health  832-6429
  • Human Resources  832-6458
  • Library  832-6173
  • Mayor's Office  832-6400
  • Municipal Service Building  832-5580
  • Parks and Recreation  832-5905
  • Police  832-5500
  • Public Works  832-6474
  • Information Technology  832-6410
  • Valley Transit  832-5800
  • Wastewater Treatment  832-5945
  • Water Treatment/Filtration  997-4200
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